Rambling about a long week

There are a million cutesy images and memes about the weeks being long and the weekends being too short. Today, I feel like I agree with all of them.  A weekend I planned on being pretty boring and mostly cleaning the condo – like cleaning that kinda sucks, dusting, bathrooms, mopping the floors. However it turned into a pretty busy weekend.

The only thing I had planned was to go to a benefit my sister in law was putting on for my brother’s best friends. And it was the most amazing thing! I am incredibly proud of our hometown. The support Saturday night was amazing.  The work Jill and Amber put into it more than paid off.

Mom had taken the kids home pretty early, so Joe and I stayed; Eric a regular from JB’s sat with us too.  When we were getting ready to leave Joe let me know that the bartender on Sunday was sick; so I offered to fill in.   So my day of domestic crap turned into bartending; and honestly, it was nice. I was home by 9:45. I really don’t mind filling in very part time when people need it, but I’m glad to not be on the schedule because working two days a month ends up turning into every Sunday and I need to devote time to my Scentsy business.

I have been having some very vivid, realistic dreams. And they seem to involve Adam. Over the weekend I dreamt I walked into my condo after work and it was ransacked and robbed. I dreamt there was nail polish in my washing machine and all over it, my electronics were gone, and my linen closet near my bathroom that holds body wash and all sorts of things was wiped out. It took me a while in my dream to call the police department, because I was in shock. It was after they said they were coming I found a note – from Adam that said it was because I had asked him if he had thought about quitting smoking.  I woke up incredibly startled, so coming home last night I was nervous.

I really wish I could get him out of my life. It’s the past, done, over.

I of course stayed up way too late last night reading a really good book. That’s kind of a given though, I wouldn’t stay up past 1 AM for a shitty book. I’m not sure if it’s the spring-like rainy weather or little sleep that has me feeling tired today. Probably a little of both.

One of our systems is down at work, a system that I do a majority of my work through. I think it’s time to head to lunch.  Happy Monday.


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