Short work weeks

I very much enjoy the three day weekend, but the short work weeks always throw me for a loop. I never know what day it is. It’s definitely the Wednesday-est Tuesday ever. And you try to cram in a 5-day work week into the remaining 4 days. Don’t get me wrong. I’m pretty pumped we are halfway through the week already. Things are just out of whack.

It’s been a busy week already though. Even though I was off work on Monday,  I met up for dinner with some of my Scentsy team. It was nice to visit and hang out with them. Last night I had trouble with my tire, so I had to make a stop into Discount Tire; luckily I was in and out of there.  I backtracked a bit to HyVee to grab some groceries, then home. I participated in the weekly online training that happens with the large Scentsy group.  I stayed up way too late watching The Big Sick. Then all the sudden it was time to get up for work.

I’m looking forward to no real plans tonight. There’s some laundry to put away; but this is a frequent thing. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to make for supper yet. I do know I’m going to prep a pot roast and veggies for the crock pot to cook tomorrow.  And mostly just going to hold down the couch and clean off the DVR!  I really am just going to aim to not sit at my computer or get on my laptop.

I probably could do a little cleaning, but we shall see. It’s almost 5 and I am pretty excited that the workday is done. I’ve had a slight headache most of the day, so I’m thinking the not sitting at my computer at home should help this.  And comfy clothes, of course!



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