Sunday that feels like Saturday

It’s already Sunday. I have no clue where the week went! I was going to be very proud for working a full 5-day work week [due to the office being closed for various holidays] but I kinda of threw a wrench into that.

I woke up Thursday morning about 4 AM to my body feeling achy. I was able to fall back asleep; have an incredibly realistic, scary dream. I got up and showered and headed into work, still not feeling so great. I made it to 11, and came home. Of course right when it was really icy and it was kind of a freezing rain / sleet mix.  I made some chili and laid low. I crawled in bed at 5:30 read for a bit and was asleep. I woke up about 10 and had a bowl of cereal, and fell back asleep until my alarm went off about 7. I guess my body was screaming for some sleep. I felt better, just tired.

A pretty low key Friday evening at home. Last night very last minute I met up with my friend Amanda at the casino to listen to a band her Stepdad, Tim, loved.  He passed away a little over a year ago, so it was nice to be there with her to share that memory. We had the most excellent time people watching!

I made a quick trip home today to deliver some Scentsy. I was able to visit with my aunt a bit, my mom and Joe and then dropped a few things off to Amanda for her open house.

The wind was blowing crazy and there was a little snow coming down made for some really slick roads. I just heard that there was an ambulance rolling halfway between my hometown and the town I live in now. I must have JUST missed that.

I’m glad I’m in for the night. I really need to clean up the kitchen, mostly put some dishes away and load the dishwasher. I probably should start some laundry, too…

I suppose I should wrap up here and get some things done!


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