Sunday evening.

I didn’t do much this weekend other than read; and I’m okay with that. I ran to the post office on Saturday morning but was back home. I left tonight to grab some carry out and go to the car wash because it warmed up to 30 degrees!

I washed my bedding today and I’m about to crawl in bed for the night and start reading book number five of the year. It’s hard to believe I’ve already read four books, but other hand, reading is fairly cheap. I subscribe to Kindle Unlimited so for $9.99/month I have access to a lot of books and I have a card at the local library, so I try to keep my book buying at $10 or less per month on books.

I stupidly looked at Adam’s Facebook Saturday and saw that he has a girlfriend. Not shocking, nor is it shocking how soon after I called things off that it all happened. I was a bit hurt by it yesterday and maybe even a little bit today.  I even suspected it the last few months.  Nothing I can do.

I think what spawned me looking is in this book series I’m reading is two characters, Jess and Adam. And that’s put him in the forefront of my mind. But I’m moving on!

For the first time, in my entire adult life, I took my lunch to work for an entire week. And as I type this, I have nothing prepped and ready for tomorrow, so I’ll eat in the cafeteria; but I will prep something tomorrow night and will do so the rest of the week. It was such a good feeling knowing I likely saved $50 or more!

I am off to bed, with clean bedding and a book to dive into; that’ll likely keep me up longer than I should be awake!


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