A face lift!

I make goals each year – usually on my birthday; a new year for me. I’m not much for resolutions and such. I’ve learned to tone them down a bit and make them a bit more achievable.

I’m probably not going to share them all, but one was to write more.  This fall I set some hours with my Scentsy team; and have a night “off”; meaning after 5 PM if they call / text / FB message me, I’m not going to answer / respond until the next day.   It’s been somewhat freeing.   So I picked that night as Wednesday, for now. I had the Dave Ramsey class on Wednesdays so that’s how I picked it. It’s perfect for a little mid-week break.

I’ve decided to try my best to not go in my office those nights, and catch up on some TV or reading. But I’ve also decided that it would be the night I write (or at least publish) a blog.

The layout / design was not quite what I wanted, but with the help of a good friend; Karan, she was able to answer a few questions and provide input and wallah!

I am still trying to catch up on sleep from the little I got on Tuesday; so I’m off to bed.


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