Year in Review

As much as I’d love to write a year in review, or 17 moments of 2017; I’m just not going to in the capacity that I used to, so an abbreviated version if you will.  I have thought about it, and I’ve sat down and scrolled through previous posts, and looked over my Facebook posts, and frankly it’s not been the best year.

It’s been a decent year with Scentsy, I’ve added to my team, I’ve been to a few events, had a blast. My group has grown, and we’ve lost some team members. I’ve had a fairly consistent year, but I have plenty of room to grow.

I lost my grandpa to the ugly disease that is Alzheimer’s. I had to put my beloved doggy down. I made the decision to break up with Adam after two years.  I have more or less lost some friends because they’ve not made our friendship a priority, and that’s fine. Do I want to be friends with people who don’t reach out when I lose a loved one? Not really.  I’m not saying I need to be #1 or even #5, but I’ll invest time if you do. Reciprocation.

We finally moved into the new building at work; and by we; I mean the patients. And an awesome new tradition started with the “First Quarter Wave” and what a beautiful thing that is! I’m not sure we’re going to experience the slow down between the winter holidays that we once knew, but it’s okay, being busy means that I have a job…

I signed up, attended, and completed the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. Eye opening, for sure. I need to hunker down and follow through. I think it could be great. I know many who have had success with it. For about 4  months now I’ve been tracking my bills and how much is in my accounts; but I need to get a bit more strict in how I track all my outgoing. Set my own limits and stick to them.

As we near the end of the year, I turned 35 and I’m not quite sure what to say about this year, it’s done and over with. It happened. I learned a lot about myself. It’s a year of growing / learning. I feel 2018 will be much the same, but hoping for a bit more positive focusing on a better me, in all aspects.  I realize we have a week and a half left, but I’m gearing up for a little rest.


I posted on Instagram just before midnight on the eve of my 35th birthday and I feel it important to share here;

Jess Parizek (@jessparizek) • Instagram photos and videos_2017-12-18_15-59-17

Last hour of 34. Fireplace + book + comfy blanket + fresh new wax in the Scentsy warmers.
Many years ago I had this idea of what life would look like at 35; I’m just going to laugh at that idea. Reality: No husband, no babies, and no house in the country.
My friends are dwindling down, because I’m putting time and effort into those who reciprocate. It sucks in some regards, but if they haven’t reached out not worth my time.
I’ve got an awesome career that I love. Yes, it’s been a bit chaotic but I enjoy what I do. A steadily growing Scentsy business and team. I might be chunky [or morbidly obese says the BMI] but I’m healthy overall. My family is doing well and is above all healthy. We’ve grown stronger over the last 4 years with the losses we’ve endured; on both sides of the family.
I may never get married, or have a child of my own. I may not ever hit the goal title of SuperStar Director with Scentsy, or be the most this, best that; I’m just going to be me.
The sorta witty, kinda shy, bookworm, Epileptic, adoptee, proud chunky chick* from small town Iowa who is just living life. *I’m still waiting for the fire to light within so I can someday be a former chunky chick.

34; You were a tough year, lots of personal reflection and forced personal growth. You made me a better me; but peace out.
35; Let’s do this, bumps and all. More smiles + laughter, less tears.

I hope that 2018 is full of simple things; comfy blanket, a book on the iPad, new wax in my Scentsy warmers, more smiles, less tears, and laughter.   Here’s to 2018


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