And some days you just cry at your desk

I hate this time of year, the holidays are approaching and I’ve never been a fan. My birthday is coming up – and its often forgotten and blended in. I just wish we could fast forward.

It’s evaluation time at work. I suck at making goals. For the last three years I’ve had about the same thing; my boss asked me to try and come up with something different. And we have to report on the progress of last years.

5 goals – which I cannot go into but here is the response to them…

  1. I think she’s doing well, but I’m not confident I’m a good teacher, she picks up quickly
  2. I have not done any of these
  3. Dating the form when I sent to LM’s office is working well, the conference spreadsheet worked well, but travel as a whole continues to be a struggle
  4. This is not working in my favor, on #4 since January ’17  [goal:0]
  5. I have only done 1; not a great turn out with these [goal 20-25]

All in all; I have pretty much failed at all of them. Wow depressing.

As I typed this out to my boss, I was tearing up. I know the work I do is good work, I know I am a hard worker, I know we have had almost double the work lately, I know I am busy. Sometimes  A lot of the time I feel like I cannot get ahead of things, or caught up. Do I stay later than I am? Do I come in and work on a Saturday or Sunday?

I need help. I thought my new coworker [who has been here for a year and a half] was going to help in the purchasing front; but isn’t. I went from having help with it, to none. Our purchasing has basically doubled.  On top of more duties piled on to me.

I am by no means whining. I just need to vent. I can do hard things. I just need to figure out how to prioritize some things; and with that I’m mostly lost.


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