Just a Fall Tuesday in Iowa

It’s been a day; better, but a day.  Work is getting to me. I posted on Facebook today something smart alecy about wanting to buy patience, and a few days ago.

My foot is feeling better, movement wise, but there’s some numbness that has me a little concerned; but I’ll keep an eye on it. There’s not much bruising, so it’s definitely a different sprain.

Another crazy night after work. I came home and warmed up some leftover chili. I rarely eat leftovers, but chili, is one of the few things. I had to meet up with someone to deliver some Scentsy for a Fundraiser. I had a bag of things I needed to return to the outlet mall about 25 miles away, so happened to have it all in the car and just decided to go do that. I got in about an hour ago and I’m ready to crawl in bed.

I’m admitting it, it’s a bit chilly in my condo tonight. Yes, three weeks ago I was griping about my air conditioner not working and it taking a week for the landlord to get them out here to fix it but now I’m thinking heat sounds great.  I’m very stingy with my heat but I sleep much better when I’m colder, under the blankets. My office is the coldest room in the house – as it’s the one on the corner. I know the window is a bit drafty, but I’m not certain I want to do the plastic + blow dryer window treatment, but ask me in a few months.

I even parked the car in the garage, so I don’t have to scrape frost off my windows in the morning.   My garage needs to be gone through and have shit pitched, and organized. Great idea to think of this now, when it’s going to get cold… I should have thought of this like a month ago!  It doesn’t look like the weekend is going to be much warmer, but we’ll see.

I have a bed and a book calling me. And I’m ignoring the dishes in the dishwasher or the laundry that needs done. I’ll tackle that Thursday. I have a class tomorrow, and ironically it’s about money and budgeting, which is hard to talk about and honestly just FACE because it’s kind of embarrassing, but I enjoy going, even though it’s in a church and there’s some churchy stuff entwined in the lessons.

I’m trying to write more, one because I miss it. Partially because I want things to be documented; even things that aren’t in the “highlight reel” that is social media.  It feels amazing to do it just before bed….

All that to say, hasta pasta!


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