I get so emotional…

Today has been one helluva day.  I grew some balls to text Adam and flat out ask what is going on. He’s been a bit distant; and by a bit, I mean a lot.  I was convinced I was breaking up with him… but his reply  has me thinking he might want to work on it.

At lunch I had a small to-go box in my hand with some casserole and walked over to the cooler to grab a Pepsi, and my right ankle gave out and I fell. Luckily I didn’t spill any casserole on me, but everyone in the cafeteria was wide-eyed. Ironically no one asked me if I needed help, they just gawked.  I got up and limped off to a somewhat private place.   I sent Adam the text this afternoon.

I’m home to put my foot up and ice it; obviously it’s sprained. My toes are feeling numb/tingly/weird; this isn’t usual. But I won’t go to the doctor because honestly I don’t want to wast the money on an X-ray. If it’s still bugging me in a few days, then I might think about it.    It hasn’t bruised or anything, just swollen – even in my toes.

I’m currently watching The Good Doctor; which is an amazing show. I’m going to crawl in bed after, and likely read for a bit then crash. I really should take something for my ankle.

I have cried looking over a Scentsy friend’s family photos that include her husband in his Army gear, he’s deploying to Iraq or Afghanistan. I cried because something popped up on YouTube, and I cried over something silly on TV.

Even though I don’t get my  monthly visitor thanks to my 5-year birth control, but I swear that business would be happening now because I’m straight up #HotMessJess which is unlike me.

I grabbed some chips and salsa after work, had some of that, then some grapes, and then a ham sandwich – like on a tea bun thingy. Now I’m contemplating having some chili at 930 at night. I rarely eat this late, ever. But I’m going to say it; I’m cold. It probably has a lot to do with the ice on my foot.

I feel like I’m a crazy mess.


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