Lazy weekend

This weekend has been incredibly lazy.

I noticed last Sunday [the 8th] that my air conditioning wasn’t working, so I emailed my landlord, she said she’d get them out to look at it, and of course, nothing all week. It’s been about 76 in my condo the whole week. MISERABLE! I emailed her again Friday after a few unanswered voice mails; and she said they’d be here Friday or Monday. They weren’t here Friday, so hopefully Monday. Saturday night into today it really cooled down and I had left my balcony sliding door open and it FINALLY cooled down to mid-60’s in here.

I’ve not left my condo this whole weekend, I have only read and slept. Three books done, and I’m about to start a 4th.

I didn’t get the memo from my family that my brother was running his half marathon today otherwise I would have gone to cheer him on. Of course by the time I saw the stuff on Facebook it was too late. This is typical of my family though.

The funds are a bit tight for the remainder of the month; so staying in and reading, doing nothing is kind of what it looks like the rest of the month will look like.   And maybe I’ll get around to reorganizing and cleaning out the kitchen cupboards that I’ve been needing to do. I just haven’t had the willpower to do so.

I really want some chocolate chip cookies, but my tried and true recipe [the one on the back of the Nestle Chocolate Chips] is too much for  just me, and for some reason everything I do they come out flat. I found a recipe on Pinterest that claims to be ‘fluffier’ and is a half recipe, so I might try that; it looks similar.   I need to find some new to me recipes or eat some crap from my cupboards so I’m 1) cleaning them out and 2) not blowing anymore money.

I really just need to do some meal planning and somewhat stick to it. I don’t do leftovers, cooking for one sucks.

In other rambly news; I’m back on Facebook, but I kept the notifications turned off on the phone and iPad. It’s kind of nice. I feel like I was a bit of a slave to them. I’d see a red number and feel like I had to check it right now.

I really need to get my cast iron skillet seasoned [although it says it comes seasoned] and start using it.  This post is all over the place, I think I’ll go park it in the recliner and read.


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