I did it!

I’ve had this DNA thing since March. For 7 months it has been on my desk. I read all of the paperwork, and signed the consent the first day I got it, then it just sat there.

Many asked why I hadn’t done it, and to be honest, I’m scared.

I do not know my biological parents, I do not know my medical history other than mine that has happened in the last almost 35 years. I know that spiting in this little vial could give me answers.

Do I want to know what “could” happen, do I want to know that I have a predisposition to get x, y, or z? I was scared.  What if I really do somehow connect with my blood relatives? Then what?

Shawn and I actually just talked about this last week.

What it took is that I heard national radio personality; Bobby Bones, talk about getting it and doing it.  As weird as it seems, if he could do it, I could. It’s up to me what I do with the answers that come, me. Just me.  Will I tell anyone when I get them? If anything I’ll share the results with my medical team.

I’m scared, yes. But I’m almost 35 and I need to start taking care of me; in all aspects, so I did it, and now we wait.  All because of spit in a vial. Classy.


As soon as I hit publish on this, I’m walking it down to the outgoing mail box, and it’s out of my hands; in all senses of the world.


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