I once broke up with cable; at the end of July. I thought I’d save a whole bunch of money and everything but it didn’t. I caved and I’m getting it reinstalled today.

I got a nice antenna; but it didn’t get NBC, only ABC, not even CBS. I couldn’t watch Ellen – which is something I love, a lot. I couldn’t access shows for at least a week. I signed up for DirecTV Now and got a free Roku if I paid for 2 months, and it worked a little, but not for what I wanted.

I decided that I’ve changed my car insurance, my car is paid off, and I’m basically skimping in a lot of other places, that cable is one thing I don’t want to skimp on. I’ve given up my life, so I might as well enjoy what I can at home… with shows DVR’d

I never realized how I use TV as a way to relax, from work, from the Scentsy gig, until I didn’t have it as I liked it / knew it / wanted it. I know many are completely content without, but that’s not me.

My FB break is going well, the last two days when I’ve gotten up for work  I didn’t check FB right away.  I still have my page active, and I have gotten on to scroll through and see some things, but not commenting / posting / liking. Not accepting messages in messenger, or friend requests. It’s quite refreshing. I never knew how addicted to it I was.

I’m sure that I’m missing out on sales in the Scentsy world but honestly, sometimes a girl just needs a break. It isn’t helping monetarily but rest is necessary.


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