Sometimes I wish this blog wasn’t public and that I didn’t share it with anyone I know. That those who found it, found it on their own.  I just wrote a post, but kept it private, sometimes you just need to get thoughts from your head on the screen and hit save and be done.

I’m feeling stuck with a lot of things, life, relationships, my Scentsy business… and unsure of where to turn.

I’m on a big kick to budget, live the Dave Ramsey way until I get it a bit safer place financially.

I want to eat healthier, but making meals for one is a huge struggle, and making healthy meals, even bigger struggle. Thankfully I like boring cereal and snack on fruit, but sometimes a girl needs some carbs.

I’m stuck in that I finished a book like last weekend, and have yet to start another, book hangover.  My cable won’t be installed until Tuesday and no plans this weekend, and all of my shows I can watch via a streaming method I have, but there are more, and frankly DirecTVNow kinda sucks.

I had a really crappy lunch that I didn’t eat much off, went and grabbed some groceries and had what I would consider a heavy snack, and now its almost 8pm and I want some dinner. I’m not one to eat this late, but some goulash with bread and butter sounds amazing.  Side note; my grandma made the best goulash and she’d make some just for us kids that was ground beef, elbow macaroni, tomato juice and a pinch of sugar to cut the tomato taste. That’s it, and to this day, I still make it that way, no seasonings, no chunks of anything else. It reminds me of Grandma Eva and when I’m in a funk, food is my happy place.

Sometime earlier this year I finally joined the public library in town so I have been really trying to read ebooks from there, or books on Kindle Unlimited; but tonight I treated myself to 3 books, only spending $8.50.

Okay, off to make some supper; hoping my attitude changes around.


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