A break from Facebook and other boring stuff.

I’ve seen many others do this, but never thought I’d want to do this, nor would I ever follow through. At 5pm today I’m going to take a break from Facebook, for a week. A whole week. Well, at least I’m going to try.

No commenting, no liking [or any other reaction], no accepting of friend requests, no allowing of any tagging in statuses or photos, no reading / answering messages in Messenger. In fact, I’m deleting Messenger from my phone for the week.

First and foremost, its a huge time suck. Secondly, it can get ugly. Politics, drama, people spinning something one way and you didn’t intend for it to, or a nasty comment about something. And thirdly, I’m just hoping to reset the algorithm. A bit of a fresh start.

I’ve let my Scentsy team know. I’ve let my Scentsy accountability friends know, and I’m going to reach out to a handful of others and let them know. I’m going to probably scroll through FB some, but no interaction what-so-ever.  This will probably also show me just how much I scroll through FB mindlessly.

In this week I plan to

  • plan out some blog posts
  • spend a little time on some Scentsy work
  • read a few extra books
  • get caught up on TV – side note I caved and my cable is being reinstalled Tuesday!
  • enjoy a little less drama in my life
  • work on a video training for my large Scentsy group – scary but I can do hard thing

You can still find me on Instagram and probably some silly stuff on SnapChat.

I just got back [well, last night] from two days in Chicago. My best friend who lives in Nashville had a conference for two days, so she and her 19 month old son came, her brother [basically my kid brother] who lives in downtown Chicago met up with us too. Chase and I played nannies while Shawn was at her conference. Worked out great. The only thing that would have been better is if we got to spend more time with Shawn.

I might venture down to the Amish community / town – Kalona, tomorrow for lunch and a few things at their bulk store, and a really good mom and pop family restaurant. It’s an easy drive, and when you go solo it’s nice, in and out or dilly dally as long as you’d like.  This last 45 minutes of work is going to drag on.  The new Trader Joe’s opened here today. The closest one was 2 hours away. I’m sure it’ll be crazy busy, but I was thinking maybe Sunday evening when most people are done being out and about!

And because I didn’t spend much money in Chicago; I’m treating myself to take out tonight. Not Dave Ramsey approved, because I think I sucked at this budget thing, but perhaps next month might be a better time to start.


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