Sometimes things just don’t work out…

My Mom really wants to go to Siesta Key  this winter and has January in mind. It seems great, but end of January / first weekend in February is a rough time because there is a Scentsy event that’s a mini-convention. I’ve never missed one, and I’m not sure I want to. Of course dates / locations will not be announced until November so that kinda puts a damper on things.  But it wouldn’t be the first family vacation I missed out on; and it probably won’t be the last one.

In other news, tonight is the start of new TV. Two months ago I cancelled my cable. For a month I did nothing but had this antenna; it was supposed to be great. I only get like 4 channels, and I’m not a fan of Home Shopping Network.

I also gave in and got DirecTV Now that came with a Roku; it is nice, mostly.

Yesterday Adam didn’t come over BECAUSE I don’t have CBS. I even “subscribed” to it, and it wouldn’t load. Tonight… no NBC on the damn antenna. I even tried to see if I could like sign up for Sling or something; nothing. I gave in, I’m getting cable back.

You might think it’s lame, but guess what… I miss Ellen. You cannot watch that ANYWHERE other than if you watch in real time or DVR it.

I sent an email to the local cable company and said “look I canceled, and it was a mistake. I’m only going to get it on one TV cuz I rarely watch TV in my room; and it’ll save some money.

You try things sometimes and they work out; other times they do not.  I pretty much just want to see Adam before football is over in February.   I gave it a go; and it didn’t work out.  I need some TV / DVR in my life, because I don’t like having to wait a day or even a week to watch a show.


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