Knee Crunching and Cleaning.

I woke up Thursday morning and noticed my left knee was swollen, and a bit stiff. I took a shower and didn’t think much of it. As the day went on it was a bit more sore and stiff.

Last night I iced, elevated and was taking some Advil. No real change. I noticed when I moved it, there was this horrible crunching sound. It just doesn’t sound right. I cringe when I hear it.  If you google this, it tells me it’s crepitus; which way back in the day of the high school go-kart accident ordeal, I was told that I would likely develop this. But we shall see.

I decided I better call the doctor and speak with someone a nurse or MA to see if they thought it was just “getting older noises” or something that I need to be seen for. Of course they said I need to come in, since I’ve been doing the ice / elevation / rest / Advil and nothing is changing for the better.

My coworker has a standing appointment every Monday afternoon so I had to take the Tuesday appointment. I kinda hate waiting that long, but no real other choice since it’s Friday afternoon.

No plans for the weekend. I was hoping to get my wire shelf moved to the garage, but I feel like I need to not do anything to strenuous because of the knee; so perhaps I’ll purge / clean / organize the kitchen.

I really wish I could tell  you what is bringing on this need to purge and reorganize; but I do not know. I listened to the audiobook of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, but it did nothing for me. In fact the audiobook is so horrible I’m surprised I didn’t drive my car off a cliff. [I wouldn’t do this intentionally but the audio is HORRIBLE] but it didn’t make me need to have he urge to “spark joy”.  I just realize I have a lot of space in my kitchen and it’s all cramped. It needs some love.

Happy Friday, this next two hours needs to fly!


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