Simple, ahead!

A few weeks ago I posted photos of the office purge / redo. I wasn’t done. I was still feeling cluttered; so I got rid of two large pieces of furniture.

Next I purged he master bathroom.   I intend on doing my bedroom closets eventually but with purging / reorganizing comes a huge mess, and I’m still working on that. It always looks better when everything is to Goodwill, the dumpster, or the garage, but for now I’ve still got a little mess. The kitchen will be after that. It’s a process though, and sometimes a girl just needs a night of nothingness!

For my Scentsy business; I’ve gone with the route of simple, and systematic. I feel like that’s carrying over into my everyday life as well. And it’s a great thing!

Creating systems, so I’m not spending 3 hours reinventing the wheel every time is most helpful. I never realized just how good having them in place feels, productivity wise. The consistency is awesome, and the simpleness of some marketing materials and such is great.

In other random news.  I intentionally plan out a night of “me time” where I disconnect from social media / technology [yeah right!] and I picked Wednesdays, but I have tonight free, and plan on hunkering down on some work. Maybe next week!

Now, I need to find someone to help me with a theme / layout for this blog. I’ts very blah, it’s free [I do not mind paying for it!] and has no rhyme or reason. I need simple and consistent!  I have a bit of an idea in mind, so if you know of anyone / anyplace that designs things things, send ’em my way,  please and thanks!

And that folks, is your dose of random everyday Jess.


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