An office redo, again

This weekend; I had next to no plans. Just meeting Mom at 10 on Sunday to head to the local-ish outlet mall and do a little shopping.

I got this idea to once again, redo the office. A few weeks ago I had purged and reorganized. But I have this 6 foot wire shelving unit that I had a few things on and then two pull out storage drawers on the lowest shelf. I was tired of it. I was feeling crowded, like every wall had SOMETHING.  I needed some open wall space.  I once again went through and purged some stuff, moved things around and reorganized. I managed to get both the wire shelf and a rustic barn wood bookshelf out of the office.

It’s still in a bit if disarray, but one step closer.

This is what I’ve gotten removed and items on it have been stored elsewhere.

I haven’t decided if the 9 cube bookshelf thing I have coming this week from Target needs to go back and get an 8 cube one that’s only two high. Currently nothing is under the window

I really need something in front of this window…


I’ve got another 9-cube shelf on order to be here on Thursday but I’m thinking of returning it; and swapping for the 8-cube to go under the window on it’s side [2 high vs 4 high]; but then I was like maybe I should just leave it empty…   a less is more. Simplistic. Get some curtains and extend the rod so I can leave it open for the light to come in.

I would have to move the quote to the left of the window, but that’s not a big deal; and the board that’s to the right of the window could be moved over a bit or moved in general.

I’ve sold the barn wood bookshelf, and I need to get the wire shelf to my garage. I have two already in there, smaller, but they can be moved. I really don’t want to just get rid of them because they are great for storage, just not in my office anymore!

I’m still not sold on the set up but SIMPLICITY is best. And maybe I’m not sold on it yet because things are still kind of not quite in the right spot yet.


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