It’s already September 1st!

This week has been crazy busy, but in a good way.  In the chaos of it all, I made a trip to WL to delivery Scentsy all around, and cooked dinner at home every night but that night; no brainier, I ate at my parents restaurant.

Last night I was up til almost 1 am watching the Month End Magic that is Scentsy. Our owners are insanely authentic in that they hop on FB Live and share their lives, cheer us on, maybe give a few hints at what’s to come in the new month ahead. I had an insanely great month. I was $164 shy of hitting a huge milestone for the month, one I never thought would happen in August!

My friend Jess, a fellow Scentsy Consultant, said it best; dealing with other peoples money is the not so great side of Scentsy. I had to wiggle around a few things due to a customer’s compromised credit card, and a few got in on the deal at the 11th hour so their checks will get to me.  It’s a weird thing for people to give you their credit card numbers,  and send you money. Sometimes it just makes me nervous.

I’m kind of kicking myself for not just ordering $164 more worth of product for events, but I wanted to go about it fairly, so I didn’t. It’s all customer sales. And for that, I’m pretty proud, but even better, my team rocked it. Watching the team numbers creep up was pretty amazing. I felt like a proud momma or something equivalent.

Today, I’m solo in the office. Back in January I had requested the day off, but others put theirs in and somehow mine was pushed to the wayside. Shit happens, and I’m saving a day of vacation.  It’s pretty quiet here, so very productive. Hindsight – it’s great. I’m taking the 11th off instead. More on that later.

I’ve managed to tackle a couple of huge things that I just needed a bit of quiet for.

Since the first is payday in my world, which happens only monthly; I had a few lists of things I wanted to purchase when the paycheck hit my account. I was able to snag that stuff. The store pick-up option at Target is an amazing thing; I can add things to my cart, and keep them in there, then order when able, then walk in and grab them and walk out. This is so much easier on my checkbook. I’m very guilty of walking every aisle and walk out with a few hundred less in the checking account and feel like I have nothing to show.

I also registered for the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University.  I’m not a church-goer, but I like the concept of his budgeting / saving. I’ve read the books, I just want the class for accountability and to actually start the process.

A long weekend ahead and the only plans I have are to get some groceries probably on Saturday, and head to the outlet mall with mom on Sunday.


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