Scentsy office reorganization / purge

Friday nights always seem to be nights where I’m in bed early. I had planned on doing a little reorganizing in my office. I’ve been here a little over a year, and I’ve moved things around already but finally getting them situated. After coming back from Scentsy Family Reunion last month I’ve realized I need to get some systems in place, make things simple but functional, work smarter not harder.

I crawled in bed Friday with the idea of tackle the office on Saturday. Boy did I!  I basically pulled everything out and put it back together, in a way I thought better fit, and got rid of a bunch of stuff I had either 1) moved from the old apartment and haven’t used since or 2) have no need for, and am just hanging on to it.

It was very nice to pitch some stuff!  And reorganize a bit. I might have overshared on Snapchat…  I did a load of laundry, had lunch and dinner, and watched two documentaries [The Story of Diana and He Named Me Malala] along with listening to some Scentsy training!

Fun with Snapchat

A few have asked for a tour of my office. Keep in mind; in January 2015 I decided to finally start working Scentsy like a business vs the hobby I had been working for the last almost 4 years prior; and my big goal was to move into a bigger place so I had an office. At the time I was in a 565 square foot tiny apartment.

Fast forward to April 2016; new condo [still renting] but twice the size, with a second bedroom, that is my Scentsy office! Here are the photos. As you walk in the door then spanning right to left. In order to stay in compliance you might notice some blurring…

And these pictures make it look cluttered; I promise it is not.


I’m totally enjoying the Dymo Label Writer for organization. I didn’t nap at all yesterday. I have a few bags of trash in the kitchen by the door to go out, but I think I’m going to crawl in bed for a bit of a nap right now. I was awake at 8am and met my Dad for breakfast. I think I deserve a nap.

For those of you who may have seen the office before, some might not look much different, but trust me, the purge happened. And a lot of much needed organization. Tonight; I’ll be sitting down to plan out some posts for my team and business page. But first, a nap.


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