Life. It’s where I’m at.

The words I am about to write are a little shocking, even to myself, but I’m going to write it. If it’s on the internet it’s true.  I feel like I’m in a good place with life right now.

For the first time in who knows how long I feel like things are looking up.  The main thing, I’m sleeping. I never realized how big of a role sleep played in my life, how much I complained about it not happening, and how unbearably grumpy I was because I was not getting good, quality sleep.   Switching to the new family doctor, and find this medicine is quite frankly life changing.

I feel like I am in a much better mood throughout the day, like I’m not as testy. Yes, I have my moments, but don’t we all?  When I wake up I feel rested, in fact, I’m usually awake sometime between my first and second alarm and not really fighting going back to sleep.

Work is going great, I’ve found a good rhythm there. I’m not sure if it’s because part of the office has moved to the new hospital and we are still in the old area and it’s a lot less chaotic or what, but I’m not feeling so behind every day when I leave. And I’m working 8:30-5, taking a half hour lunch.  That in and of itself is pretty amazing.

My Scentsy business is doing well. I am still feeling a little like I’m on a high from our national convention, in that I have a lot of ideas, and I’m amped up for the end of this catalog and start of the new one in September.  Between myself and three other friends we’ve created an accountability group, and it’s something that’s done a world of difference for me, my confidence in myself as a consultant, and my business. It’s so great to have people from California, Washington, Louisiana and obviously, Iowa and all about in the same spot rank-wise working towards the same goal.

I have set some boundaries with my team; as in I’ve set hours in which I’m not responding before or after; it’s a bit freeing. I need to also take care of me, and my business too.  I’m working on some systems / programs that’ll help keep me organized, keeping in touch with my customers, and my team.

If I had to pick something that’s maybe not so great right now; finances and friends, but I’m working on it. I ditched my cable, and shockingly I do not have any streaming service. Not Netflix, Hulu, Sling, nothing.  I finally joined the library in my town; so I’ve been reading and listening to books through their service!  I don’t really need the cable.

To quote Bobby Bones “you feelings are never wrong” I’m still a little lost at how a friend of many years kind of just dropped me from his life. I’ve not seen him in a year now. We live 20 miles apart. I sent a plant when he lost his grandfather, around the time I lost my last grandpa. Not even a thank you, a text, nothing.  I’m mostly just butthurt because this said friend didn’t reach out to say thank you for the plant.  I mean, it just goes to show what my friendship meant.

Being 100% honest, I have no friends around here that are within 30 miles to hang out with. The few I can count on are still about an hour away,  and the others are more acquaintances that would show up somewhere but no one to just go shopping with or come hang out. My best friend lives in Nashville, my great friends because of Scentsy are all over the US – and believe me, they are the greatest.

I need to get out there, wherever “there is”. I’ve grown a bit more comfortable with going places solo. This was a huge fear, but thank you to Scentsy, I can say my confidence is ever growing.

But really, I feel like I’m at a great place, things are headed in the right direction. I’m not expecting the ball to drop, but I feel like I’m in a better place for if/when it does because life isn’t smooth sailing always.

Bring on the fall, and uhhh 35; it’s just around the corner. I kind of have some goals for myself for my 35th year of life… anxious to watch them come to fruition.


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