Family names

Last night around 11:15 my cousin, Ash who is only 13 days older than me delivered their third child. A boy! She’s joined by two girls, Ava and Cora.   We are a tight knit group of cousins. Ashley was the first Parizek grandbaby, followed by my arrival 13 days later.

The story goes; mom was at Ashley’s two-week well baby check with them. The doctor tried to call my mom, couldn’t get ahold of her, got in touch with my Dad and the “healthy baby girl, come get her” was the message.  I kind of stole the thunder, and a lot of things. My parents had to use her car seat, and clothes and diapers for a few days until they could get their own for me. I came home to a huge party, oysters, signs, champagne.

My parents tried for many years to get pregnant, and it just wasn’t in the cards, and they got me!   Ash grew up 3 miles up the road. In the 4 mile stretch that was the former RR2; was Kirt’s farm (Ashley’s parents), my Dad’s place, and the Parizek farm – Grandma & Grandpa!   It wasn’t long after that the boys came. My brother Luke was born in May of 84, followed by Mitchell was born in January of 85 to Kirt and Debbie.

Mitchell passed away in August of 1986 of SIDS; it was sort of unheard of at the time.   Brent was born in November of 1988 after a reversed vasectomy.

A little backstory. The Parizek family is sort of small but sort of big!  The Parizek’s originated from Czechoslovakia; the now Czech Republic. My Great Great Grandpa Joe came from there to Iowa!

My Great Great Grandpa: Joseph Parizek

My Great Grandpa: Joseph Parizek

My Grandpa: Gilbert Joseph

My Dad: Stephen Joseph

My brother, the first born son: Lucas Joseph

My nephew, first born son of this set of grandkids: Treyden Joseph

As you can tell by the last name, we’re Czech! St. Joesph’s Day is a big celebration in the Czech world, so the name is very meaningful in our family, and it’s been passed down, and I love it!

Back to the story, Mitchell’s middle name is Tyler.

When Brent was born, he was Brent Mitchell.  When Ash was first pregnant, after Luke had his boy and used Joseph, Ash and I talked about names. She wanted to use Ava (after our grandma Eva) so I said I’m okay with that as long as I can have Eden, grandma Eva’s maiden name. We agreed.  We’ve always known Brent would name his first son Mitchell.

When Ashley announced her son’s name this morning; Nico Tyler, I lost it at my desk. I love how she used her baby brother’s middle name.

My family, though they may not be blood, I love them dearly, and I’m very proud of my heritage, even though… it might not really be mine. I love the strong names in our family, being passed down. I love how us four cousins easily agree on useage of names, and it’s not a fight.  And I cannot wait to go snuggle Nico this evening after work.


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