Scentsy Family Reunion Recap

In my last post; I mostly just touched on what my month was like; well the third week of the month was the best. And probably the highlight of my year, always. It has been for the last 4 years.

Scentsy Family Reunion; it’s our yearly convention. This year it was in Kansas City.  I had the week off, and intended on getting up at a decent time on Monday to drive down and be there by 1ish; after the lunch rush. Adam was going to come stay with me Sunday night, and I was almost all packed, but he sent a few texts and explained of something breaking at his parents place, and there was water, everywhere. It would be 8 before he got here, and he’d be asleep by 9 – he goes to work really early!

I decided I was going to carry my bags to my car and take off. Now a few things. I drive better in the evening because Geek Glare is a real thing, my glasses have prisms in them, and even with those ultra dorky snap on sunglasses things it’s just not as fun. I was loaded up by 7:30 I think and on the road. The second thing,  I can count on one-hand how many times I leave my house in yoga pants. Spoiler alert: I don’t do yoga, never have.  And I hide behind clothes, yoga pants are a bit too “showy” of my chunky chick status that I’m not comfy with me.  But I did anyways.

There was an accident on the interstate that had me stopped for about 30 minutes, but in that time I booked a shady hotel, like if I would have spent another $10-15 I would have been much happier.  I got to a small town about 20 mile from downtown and basically just went to sleep. I got up and decided to call the hotel I was staying at the rest of the week and see if I could check in early. I had planned on getting the heck out of this current room ASAP. They said anytime is fine. I was thinking 1 PM vs the 3 PM check in.  You better believe I bolted and headed there.

Then the week of awesome started.  I offered to pick up a few teammates from the airport; one was a girl I had not even met face-to-face and we spoke on Facebook maybe 5 times; but it was her first SFR, and I wanted to make her feel welcome, because we’re family, after all.   I have no problem talking – look how long this post is!

She and I got back, she got checked in, then we found this awesome market – Cosentino’s Market and it was amazing!  We parted ways after dinner, and I went back to the hotel. I met up with Jess L (also never met her face-to-face) and chat with her for a bit before picking up Meagan at the airport. Jess came with, so that was nice!

I wish I could put into words how you feel at Scentsy Family Reunion; but I’m not sure there are words adequate enough to describe it.   Love, Passion, Rejuvenation, Connection,  Desire.  Wait wait wait, head out of the gutter.  But for real. Love for the product, our owner and President, our home office team, our Scentsy Teams. Passion for the business, rejuvenation  for when you feel like maybe your business is taking a dip. Connecting with teammates who you only see once a year. Desire to make this business flourish, bigger and better than the past year.

I don’t think I was asleep earlier than 2:30 the whole week, and we were up and moving by 7:45 every day.  It’s just that #ScentsyLife

There was a point on Thursday afternoon where I hit a wall. Exhaustion and being overwhelmed. Not in a bad way, but so much info, so much stuff, I just was like “how am I going to do all this?”  I was glad that after it was over, I had a weekend of nothing at home.  But that slump was over quickly and Awards Night was upon us – this is the end of the convention. We find out about the new incentive trip, where SFR will be the next year, and who is named the highest honor – Shining Star!

The drive home, my mind just needed a break, so I put on an audiobook – I listed to one on the way down and one on the way home;  never have I done this before and enjoyed it.   I only have ever listened to The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up; and let me tell you, she needs to hire someone better to read her book.  Also, I’ve not yet found that spark of joy in regards to tidying up.

But this week [it’s already Thursday night, what!?] has been a whirlwind too.  Still on the SFR high you want to figure out how to earn the trip, and do this and that, and talk to your new teammates you connected with.

This week was like this: back to the j-o-b; which wasn’t bad! I kind of welcomed the normalcy of that chaos.

Monday – catch up

Tuesday – training on how to earn the incentive, followed by a 1:1 with my upline / mentors.

Wednesday – team training, recapping SFR; honestly I had this on but I kinda was mostly just there online in spirit; I got some things done in my office.

Tonight – all I’ve done is feed myself and pick up something at Staples.

I have not been in bed or asleep before midnight since being home. I think my body is still like but you were doing fine on 4 1/2 – 5 hours…

It’s 11pm now, and I’m shocked it’s almost the weekend. No plans until I have to bartend on Sunday. A last minute fill in, then I should be off the hook for that gig for a while, but I honestly don’t mind subbing here and there.

My plan for the weekend is sleep. Oh, and somehow my condo was dang near spotless when I left, and since coming home it basically looks like a tornado.  I’m single, no kids live here, only have myself to blame.  I had “planned in my planner”  no office time tonight and to relax, hah!

Tomorrow I’m not letting myself come in my office. I will clean the kitchen, cook something at home, watch whats on the DVR before cable is cancelled on Monday and maybe read? I dunno I might listen to that last book in the series, I enjoyed it. I’m not in the car TOO long but it’d be alright!

Okay…  I must go to bed. Congrats on reading this novel.


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