And just like that, another month gone.

I’m not exactly sure where these last four weeks have gone, but it’s been almost a month since I last wrote. I am honestly looking through the planner so I can somewhat touch on the last month.

A recap of July:

  • Saw Bobby Bones on his comedy tour; and it was phenomenal. I laughed so much! I would see him again in a heart beat.
  • Over the 4th; I went to my Uncle Kirt’s at the farm on the 3rd [we started this tradition a few years ago] to do fireworks, then the 4th we go to Dad’s camper and have a cookout, and go on the boat.  It didn’t work out timing wise for me to go on the boat because Adam came to town and put my patio furniture together.
  • I was supposed to sling some wax at a vendor event; but there was some major miscommunication and things that did not fly with me / what I agreed to on the contract so I bowed out last minute. It worked out in my favor.
  • That weekend, we took my Grandma B to lunch for her birthday; and Mom had a bartender quit via a note after his shift ending at 2 am Sunday morning, so I filled in and bartended on Sunday.  It was nice to be back. I’m not going to be “on the schedule” but I will fill in a Sunday here or there.  July 30th is the next one.
  • The week of the 10th there was a 48 hour flash sale with Scentsy so I was pretty busy on my break and after work answering questions from customers.
  • The weekend of the 15th I got things all ready to head to Kansas City!
  • Adam was going to come Sunday night and stay with me, but they were fixing something emergent at his moms; so he wouldn’t even get here until 8; he’d be asleep by 9, so I decided to just hop in the car and head down to KC about 7:30. I drive much better in the evening, there wasn’t much traffic.
  • I got a cheap; sorta, okay, really not so great hotel, that if I would have drove 5 miles more and paid an extra $10 it would have been much better, but I just needed a place to sleep.
  • I woke up and was able to get checked in early to the hotel we’d be at for the week (9:30 am!)
  •  A full week of Scentsy Family Reunion [our yearly convention] including my first ever MLB game! It was hot, I’m used to the heat and humidity, but once it’s 95, it’s just miserable, no matter where you are from and HOW used to it you are.
  • I was bummed for it to be over, but on Thursday afternoon for about an hour I hit a wall and was ready to be done, then it was I already miss it!
  • I drove home Friday after getting Meagan to the airport, into a tornado warning – one had gone through Tuesday night.
  • My 2nd of 3 tomato plants did not weather the storms; we’ve had some brutal ones. I have one left.
  • Adjusting back to normal sleep times is tough. I was up until 3 am last night; because we mostly only slept 2:30-7:30 the whole week.
  • I went to WL and met up with a few of my team members to share the new Scentsy products,  scents, and information – more to come on this.
  • I’ve avoided a nap today, and have been yawning like crazy.  I think I’m actually going to crawl in bed. Here goes nothing!

I’ll leave you with a few pictures from this past month.

Chillin’ in a chair at the Coralville Res – at Dad’s camper!
amm patio furniture
Obviously; I’m supervising, while Adam does all the work. Look at that concentration.
KC Royals game at Kauffman Stadium 7/19  L to R: Amy, Meagan, me, Kristine!
View from our seats – I’m not afraid of heights but many around us were struggling with this.
Top is the temperature on the weather app, bottom is the temperature in my car – this was with the AC on and car had been running for a good hour.  #miserablyhot #midwestsummers


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