Monday brought to you by Murphy’s Law

murphys law

Today has sucked. But I’ll back up a bit. I left work early on Friday to take care of a tax exempt issue. We are tax exempt at work, and Micheal’s apparently doesn’t acknowledge this for online orders. You have to go to the store to be refunded for this. Stupid, I know. Thankfully there is one close and it’s kind of on my way home. A little out of the way.  I left about 4:30, so that time would be considered work time. I left Michael’s at 6 PM  and still didn’t have the tax credited.

After about 45 minutes on the phone and maybe 5 transfers today, no luck. They were going to call the store and instruct them how to do so… after we hung up, it dawned on me that they didn’t ask which store. I think I’ll call the store and ask if they know how to do so before I trek back out there and attempt to do so again. What it comes down to is that the state of Iowa can take the sales tax amount [$16.56] from my paycheck, if it’s not credited.   I sent the credit card people here an email, but no response yet.

I tried to order some wigs / head coverings for a program for kiddos with cancer who lose their hair, and three of the sites I tried to order form were either not able to be used or blocked from our servers.

Then about 12 just after getting back from lunch, I received a call to have an item over nighted. This unit is notorious for waiting til the last possible freaking minute. I had to have this order in by 1 our time, for it to be here tomorrow. Both people who needed to electronically sign off on it are out; there is no way around this. One is my direct boss. The person requesting it, got pissed and had someone else call me, I explained the same situation, so they call my big finance boss. She came over and I explained it all.

I am chalking that Murphy’s Law thing, up to my biological father, he’s a Murphy after all.

I haven’t really drank in who knows how long, no real reason, but I feel like I could drink straight vodka tonight.

And added bonus, I just got off the phone with a kid (I can call him that because he sounded 12) who asked me for my fax number and asked me to repeat it because “he wasn’t paying attention, sorry”.

I really should have used a day of vacation today.


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