Turbo; he’s been gone a week.

It’s been a week since I had to put Turbo down.  I’m still having my moments with it. Friday I met Joe there, and of course Turbo was very peppy. That’s what made it tough. We had to stick around and wait a bit because our normal vet was at a horse emergency.
I sat on the floor with Turbo and cried, and made him take a selfie with me. It was hot, and I was crying; so it’s not a great photo, but with my doggy.

sad w turbo
Last selfie with Turbo.

Then another vet Turbie had seen before was the one to help us with the procedure; she was super nice and compassionate.  We had a little time with him while he got sleepy. She painted his foot for me so I could have a print. I will someday get it tattooed on me.

My sweet Turbo in Joe’s arms

It was definitely tough, but we made the right decision. After it was done, I met my cousin at a pizza place / bar in the same town as the vet.  It was nice to be around people, but then Saturday was rough.

Sunday I had an event [ironically for a dog shelter] I thought it would be a little tough, but it wasn’t. It was a total bust. I barely made my booth rent back. I will not do the event again next year. I know that’s bad, but I just won’t.  I was in bed about 7 on Sunday. The emotions of the car repair, and Turbo all just wore me out.  I woke up about 10:30 and had a little something for dinner, then back to sleep at midnight. It was so nice to feel rested.

Side note, the meds I got at the new doctor are totally help. I’m sleeping and that’s a beautiful thing. I even feel like I’m less bitchy at work.

The week went by so fast. My office is a disaster because I’m still trying to put things back from the event. I don’t need to take so much stuff next time.

I had totally neglected my condo; so it got a deep cleaning earlier this week.  Then Thursday morning I woke up and the temperature was 76, and 78 before I left.  After the maintenance guy came, he fixed my curtains on my sliding door to my deck, and the closet door.  My office is still a work in progress and will hopefully get done this weekend. But tonight, I’m being lazy and catching up shitty reality TV; Teen Mom / Teen Mom 2, which makes me feel a little better about my life.

I have an appointment to get my new tires tomorrow at 3, and I think I just might spend $20 on myself and get a pedicure. I haven’t bought anything extra for a few months.   And I think I deserve it.

I booked a room at Grand Harbor Waterpark in August with my Mom, Joe,  Luke, Jill, and the kids, but I’m excited because Adam and Livi are going to join.

I’ve rambled enough; I think it’s time to crawl in bed and read a while.


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