Today is one of those days where I wish for another day between Saturday and Sunday. Thankfully I’ve got Friday off, but this week is going to be a clusterfuck.

I didn’t get all that I wanted to get done this weekend; but it’s nearly 4:45 now and there’s still a good 6-7 hours yet this evening. I’m guessing Adam isn’t coming down; so I’ll have some uninterrupted work time.

I went home this afternoon for a bit; a friend of the family lost his battle with Pancreatic Cancer; such an ugly disease. I lost an aunt and a grandma to it.

Last week as I was leaving Shawn’s Dad’s place I noticed my car was squeaking a bit, when I was hit the gas, but not when I hit the breaks. I had talked to Joe about it, and his car repair guy said he’d look at it, so we could get in; if it was the brakes and rotors it’d be about $300.  I’m going to Kansas City for the annual Scentsy convention mid-July; so even though my car is paid off and only worth +/- $2500; but I really really do not want to have another car payment.

Google says it could be struts or suspension; so that doesn’t seem expensive… just not sure what labor is. And I’m sure two new tires won’t be too bad.

Joe looked at my car before I took off, and my front passenger side tired is bald; but the front driver’s side tire is better; still not good. Back tires are pretty good yet. So; whatever is going on is wearing the tires down. Yay, fix what’s broken AND get new tires. Expensive, but I think for now I’ll do that, then maybe next summer trade… can you trade in a car worth so little?

I am off at 2:15 for an eye appointment on Tuesday, hopefully I can get out of there in a decent time and head over to have them assess my car, and see what needs repaired; and hopefully it’ll hold out til Friday when I’m off; which was originally meant to be off to prep for a Scentsy event on Sunday.  At 4 we have an appointment to put my dog down; it’s time. I’m just kinda sorta praying he just fall asleep between now and then and decides on his own. He didn’t get excited or really know it was me when I was home this afternoon; which sucks, but it totally makes me feel much more okay with this decision this time. He’s hurting, a lot.

Saturday will be spent getting new tires; thankfully Linder is only open til noon, so I’ll have the afternoon to finish last minute prep for the event on Sunday. I’ve lined up help, and one of my team members thinks she might be able to help [but has to check her calendar] I almost want to take Monday off, but that doesn’t work in our office; so I think I’m going to go in and first thing ask the boss if I can take Thursday off, to make life a little less stressful.

I need to go fold laundry from the dryer because I’ve washed the clothes in the washer twice…


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