Monday-like Tuesday

Long weekends, are great don’t get me wrong,  but coming into work on a Tuesday after a three day weekend is like a mega-Monday. Especially when you work at a hospital; it never closes.  Emails still roll in, orders still come in. I mean, I do spend money for a living, so people still send me requests of what they need to order.

I was on my way into work today and I got a phone call, but due to the stretch of interstate I drive, I try to avoid answering my phone; and I’m even trying to be better about not texting [or looking at texts, even] so I listened to the voicemail while waiting for the bus to my office from the parking lot. It was my doctor’s office. The labs looked fine, nothing of any concern.

Whew!  This whole not knowing my family history had me a bit nervous and of course the weight gain lately… well, not exactly lately, but in the last 8ish years I’d say I’ve put on 65 pounds give or take.

The doctor ended the voicemail with some people just have a little extra cushioning. I appreciate that no one is concerned with my weight gain; I suppose it’s a good thing that it’s not anything to be worried / concerned about, but at the same time I want to scream and yell because hello; I have a BMI of 40.5; which puts me in “extremely obese” and I feel like the BMI scale is a little skewed;  but on the flip side of things, my doctors, all of them have never worried about my weight…

I suppose if my labs are all fine, then I should just trust them and go with it; and try to lose the weight on my own versus blaming something medically. And ideally I don’t want it to be anything medically; it just seems easier to blame it on something than putting in the work to lose the weight.

Okay… on with the rest of the day.


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