TV Woes

Now that my TV is fixed; though I’m guessing it lasts a month or less… and I’ll go straight to corporate! I’m not dealing with the repair guy ever again. He’s a jerk, and I’ll leave it at that. I reported the behavior to Vizio Corporate.

I’ve got laundry in the dryer begging to be folded; that’ll be sitting on my chair for who knows how long… probably until it’s all worn, someone comes over or I finally put it away.

I’ve been fighting some spring allergies. Although, strangely they are more in my throat / more of a cough this time, so my voice is a bit hoarse in the morning, the phlegm is nasty.

This upcoming week is going to be crazy!  I have a meeting Tuesday night; which pretty much throws the whole week off. I have to go in late, because I don’t usually leave til 8:30 / 9ish. I stupidly made a doctor’s appointment at 1:55 on Wednesday, I have to leave about 12:45…  parking at work is just downright stupid.

So, instead of going in late on Wednesday like I normally do, I’m flip flopping the time I have to take ‘off’; so I’m going to turn around and be back to work at normal time.

I am switching my family doctor; this is a hard thing to do. I saw Dr. Palmer as a kid, when he retired we switched to Dr. Hanna who took over; she’s phasing out as she’s on the verge of retirement. I really really love her as a doctor, she’s got a great heart. She’s in my hometown, and it’s silly to drive back there for an appointment, especially when her office hours are so impossible to get in as she’s phasing out. Twice I have asked Facebook [they know everything, you know] for suggestions and one doctor’s name came up quite a bit. It’s a woman, and I feel like that’s what I would prefer! I requested an appointment online maybe a week and a half ago, and I have an appointment already!

The nurse I spoke with, I explained the situation; that I was adopted, do not know my family history,  but am 34, and want to get a baseline of kind of everything so if things were to go wrong, we are being preventative. The nurse was incredibly awesome. She even said “every mom wants a daughter like you, a kid in charge of their health and staying on top of things”. The way I look at it, I don’t want something bad to happen and know I could have prevented it, or taken care of it simply.  I’m also kinda sorta hoping this doctor will be a little more kind with helping with my sleep issues.

While I do not want to think I might have sleep apnea; I’m hoping perhaps she might send me for another sleep study; and if she doesn’t then the Neurology appointment I have in October I will demand one. Because I’ve woken myself up snoring again. Sure, it could be the allergies again… but, I feel like having had one 8 years and 75 pounds ago, it is time to have it redone.

Rambled enough. I think it’s time to make some hot dogs and get some shit done.


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