Saturday Scentsy

This week flew by.  I think I’m in the majority when I say Sunday nights suck. Monday mornings a horrible. But the week came and went so incredibly fast. I felt like I got a handful of things accomplished at the day job – which I can’t usually say that. I left my office feeling pretty good about the week. I’m not even dreading going back in on Monday. I’m not sure if it’s because things are finally starting to get into a groove with the new building and we are winding down the fiscal year? Perhaps. I’m just gonna roll with it.

A typical day in the life of Jess:

I very much like my sleep… and mornings are hard for me; I feel like I have just gotten to the best part of sleep.

I sleep til the last possible minute, get up, shower, and do very little in regards to looking like a lady. Read, I throw my hair up in a messy bun thing, zero make up, and I’m out the door. Yes, I do have to wear business casual clothes to work, but I own about 6 pairs of the same brand / style / cut black pants and probably 10 dress shirts so they rotate. I leave my condo about 7:20 when it’s not wintering out, and get to my desk by 8:20. My workday is 8:30-5, the chances of me working just those hours is slim.

I try to stick to that, but not always the case. If I do, I’m usually home by 6.  I have to park at a lot that requires a 15 minute walk in or a 7-10 minute bus ride from the parking lot. I generally opt for the bus ride… I’m chunky, exercise in the morning doesn’t seem fun, nor does sweating just after a shower.

I usually get home and make something quick and easy for dinner; and come into my office. I often watch some  YouTube training that I subscribe to, or a monthly training put on by my group. Almost daily I can count on this!

I spend the time working on entering orders, closing out a party, following up with customers, scheduling posts [I use a paid service where I go in and write a post for the day / time for both my business page and soon to be revamped VIP Group], sorting out and packing orders, inventory, replying to messages / emails, planning, event prep, really there’s quite a bit. Sometimes I do get lost in Facebook  and Pinterest when I was looking for just one thing and all the sudden it’s been a half hour.

I might be messaging my Scentsy friends / teammates to share ideas, or check in with them,

Last night was a little different. Meagan and I hopped on Zoom (if you don’t have the app or haven’t downloaded it, it’s pretty awesome) for 1:1 it’s no time limit. If you are doing any more people then you can do 40 minutes at a time (up to 50 people) but you can come back with the same call number. BUT free is the way to go. It’s so handy.

Meagan and I hopped on it last night to try it out, and I really thought we were going to be on for 20 minutes, but it was 2 hours. It was such a great brain storm / brain dump and share. She and I are sharing a room in Kansas City and we’re both planners by nature, so we’re just getting ready for our next promotion and the fall.


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