Scentsy; more than warmers and wax

Just as the title states, Scentsy is so much  more than warmers and wax. We call ourselves “Scentsy Family” and it’s so true. Some of my best friends are from Scentsy.

Last year about this time I knew I’d be participating in the 5-year march; a march for consultants who have been consultants for 5 years. I didn’t know anyone who was going to walk with me, but I was really proud to be able to have the opportunity to do it.

Flash forward to July 2015; it’s the day of the 5-year march and I’m a little nervous to do it on my own; not knowing anyone else who was walking it. About 10 minutes before we were getting called back to line up; I’m not even sure who introduced us, but someone introduced me to Meagan. She too was a 5-year consultant. She’s under Kaylynn. We found out we joined within a few days of each other. How crazy. We connected right away and in the last 10 months have gotten petty close and I feel like have helped each other so much in our business. We are going to share a room at our annual convention this summer, and I cannot wait!

Today (oddly as it is, on a Sunday) I had mail show up and it was this sweet note and necklace from her…  along with this necklace to celebrate our 6-year Scentiversary (6 year anniversary of joining Scentsy. She’s so sweet.  And unexpected.  For real the best thing about Scentsy is the friendships.


I cannot wait until we are in Kansas City this July to plan our Fall; we are both #DirectorBound and have big goals, but we are hard working chicks who have big dreams, and will work hard.

I am forever grateful for Scentsy blessing me with the amazing friends.  I never thought this would be the case, ever.


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