A day to myself.

A few weeks ago I was incredibly overwhelmed with just everything; specifically Scentsy. I felt like I was burning the candle at both ends. Hypothetically. I do have candles but only for severe weather…

I stayed up a late, til almost 1 AM. Not my best decision. My mother started texting me early; so much for sleeping in. I’ve been having some very realistic, but weird dreams, so when I couldn’t fall back to sleep, I just got up.

I did a little Scentsy / office work, and listened to the Bobby Bones Show. In that I heard about Jimmy Kimmel talking about his new son and the heart disease; so I had to come to the living room and pull up the show on the DVR, and watch. I love how he said it had a great ending, but also how he was so authentic, raw, and truthful in how we need the ACA! I especially loved how he called out EVERYONE who helped him and his family. He touched on the nurses and techs. I hate that it happened to him, but love how he’s appreciative to them all.

I met up with a teammate / friend for lunch to plot out how we are both going to earn Scentsy’s summer incentive. I ran to Hobby Lobby, Hy-Vee, and Advanced Auto Parts. Did you know they won’t replace your turn signal light? Yah, sucks. I wish I was a bit more handy in that aspect.  I came home and cleaned up the kitchen, started some laundry; but it’s still in the dryer and will be until tomorrow…

This day has been good. I need to bust my butt with Scentsy and keep getting the debt paid down / off so I can then think about cutting my hours down at the day job; ideally 4 days a week.

I got a few cherry tomato plants that I need to plant, but it was supposed to frost tonight, so I’ll get that done tomorrow!

I really need to head to bed but I wanted to share one last thing. Scentsy’s Warmer of the Month for May. QWERTY! and Cambridge! Cambridge smells like a clean man, it’s great!

QWERTY is an element warmer, no light bulb! QWERTY got his name from the top 6 keys on the keyboard! I think many authors / writers / transcriptionists would love this!

Scent and Warmer of the Month can be purchased in that link! They are 10% off the whole month of May!  If you’d like a sample, leave a comment and I’ll be glad to send you one!


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