And so it continues

6 weeks ago [give or take a few days] I wrote a post about my TV that died and after two repair appointments I got a new TV. The first time he “fixed” it, he ended up causing some damage and a black spot showed up. The TV was replaced, and it worked fine, for the time being.

On Saturday my Dad and Step Mom Deb were in the area, and had a shelf my Dad built for me. I had showed him a picture on Pinterest and he said he could do it.  He just needed the measurements. Life got away from us, he wintered in Texas; but he was bringing it up! I had checked it out in his garage a week previously, but it wouldn’t fit in my car!

I just love it!  It’s rustic but functional. I’m sure I’ll move a few things around! And yes, that’s two Scentsy warmers on there.

I realize there’s some cord control that needs to be done – but until the TV is repaired, I’ll leave it as is. I also realize that I do not have a photo of my Grandma Joyce – it’s ready for a frame, the frame is not here yet [but will be on Tuesday]
After they left I moved out the bookshelf I was using under my TV and swapped it out. Ironically Pops asked me if the TV was working, I explained it all and it was. Then I go to turn it back on and finish catching up on the shows on my DVR, and the damn TV doesn’t power on.

This particular model of Vizio [D48-40] is known for power issues. Eight days, eight freaking days is how long the new TV worked. I called Vizio, and same thing again 5-7 business days before the repair guy will call – his name is John, he’s from Peoria… so then I have to take 4 hours off during the week to meet up with him. I’ve taken a full freaking day to do this so far. So once again, the old trusty 8 year old RCA from the bedroom is in the living room – it actually fits on my fireplace. it’s not the most convenient but it works.

I’m trying to catch up on The Voice; I had 8 episodes on my DVR, but I’m slowly getting through them. I’m just, once again, not into it this season… probably because I haven’t kept up.

I need to crawl in bed; but I haven’t read a book in a few days. I am still kind of on book hangover and can’t settle on a book to read. I try to read one business related book and a fiction book too, but I’m just stuck for both. You’d think with Good Reads and everything I have loaded from Kindle Unlimited and just what I have on the Kindle that has yet to be read, I’m just kind of stuck.

I tried to read a book by one of my favorite authors; Heather Gundekauf (who’s from Iowa, and I will be seeing in June!) but the book starts out a bit of a thriller and I just can’t read it yet. I need to wait for a weekend, so I can sit on the balcony and dive in, not when it’s night and I’m trying to sleep.

Another week ahead, already May.

I have a vacation day on Tuesday. Meeting one of the girls on my Scentsy team for lunch, and running a crap ton of errands, and I’m going to get my cherry tomato plants in the planter. Pretty pumped for an “edge of the city balcony garden”. I have to replace my turn signal light, and head to Target, but I might get that done tomorrow after work.  I’d love to get a pedicure somewhere in this madness, but maybe over the weekend?

Okay, enough rambling, singing off!


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