What am I getting myself into?

At our yearly conference for Scentsy; known as Scentsy Family Reunion, they have a 5k. I participated in the one in Vegas. They shut down half of the Strip and we did it at night – it was so much fun. We walked it. I’m not a runner.

I don’t think I did the one in St. Louis; as I didn’t know anyone doing it, and I signed up for the one in Nashville last year but it was like 98 degrees with 98% humidity. This I’m used to, but it was early and I decided that I got a shirt I wasn’t going to die on vacation!

I signed up again this year, so did Meagan. She and I are sharing a room and I’m  pumped. But I saw tonight that she started running. She ran Cross Country in high school, and she’s getting married in the fall, so it was a little of both, prep for the SFR Homerun 5k, and the wedding.

Being 100% honest with myself, I commented on her post about it that I would be walking (or skipping – as in, not doing it, not the fancy footwork skipping) and she’d be running. She, as always commented back with something positive about there being a lot of apps out there. Seriously, this is what’s great about Scentsy, even if it’s not Scentsy related, my Scentsy Family are some of my biggest cheerleaders.  That said, I  think I’m going to make a promise to myself, even starting tomorrow that I will walk for 30-45 minutes each night after work. I can download the Bobby Bones Show podcast on my phone and listen while I’m walking, and it’ll get me prepped to do this 5k. I really want to be a runner; which is weird, because health and Jess Parizek are not something you find in the same sentence, but I think this try to be a bit healthier kick is kinda starting to click in my head.

If I come home, and change right away, then get it out of the way, I’ll be good. I’m not at all a morning person, but it would be nice to be able to it in the morning then come in and shower and get ready for work, but I don’t see that happening, at all.

My lists, I got one thing done, ONE. I guess that’s better than none. This weekend, Adam has his daughter, and I only have plans on Sunday, but not all day, so I think I should be able to tackle a lot of this list.

I said it. I am going to try to walk at least 3 times a week. Ideally I’d like to do it every weeknight or hell get in the habit of it everyday, but realistic Jess is going to start small. If I can only do 30 minutes, that’s 30 more than I was going to before.

I am honestly going to take my butt to bed. I read a book that kinda put me in book hangover mode, so I need to pick a new one for tonight.


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