Monday Grind

Monday, already! I don’t even know how long it’s been since I wrote last, but I’m sure there has been a lot and nothing all at once going on.

On Saturday I hosted an almost all-day Scentsy training at my place. It was all done via live-stream videos, a few of my team members came and watched. It was very nice. It’s great to listen to a training piece, then talk about it and brainstorm. Plus, it’s just always fun to connect with the team. I had made some breakfast casserole, and taco dip so we snacked a bit!

I had asked Adam a week or two ago about using my Smart TV to broadcast it vs my laptop or desktop monitors; he said it would be easy. Well, my Smart TV doesn’t have a “browser” you just access apps, so it wasn’t going  to work.

What’s a girl to do at 11:30 PM; not even 12 hours prior to people being at her house, she results to YouTube. A friend from Utah, helped confirm that I just needed the HDMI cable to go from my TV to my laptop, and wallah! I was pretty dang proud of myself.

I didn’t have much planned yesterday, I had to drop something off with a friend so I ended up visiting with her for a few hours. I took a really late (for me) nap about 4:30  and somehow wasted the rest of Sunday evening away doing stuff around the condo and in my office.

I have dubbed this week a hunker down at home and get stuff done week; which really isn’t much different than other weeks, but I am going to find a way to get off Facebook (unless for business purposes) for a few hours each night and tackle my list of things that just get moved from one week to the next in my planner.

I think I want to get a planter or a few pots at least and have a couple cherry / grape tomato plants on my balcony; at least give it a go this summer! A lot of friends on Facebook have been very helpful, so now I’m going to just get that planned out and then when I get paid next week, I’ll get the stuff and be good to go.  Can’t hurt to try right?

If follow me on Pinterest then you might see me pinning a bunch of garden things! Starting small I’m not sure I have a green thumb; but it’s worth a shot!

Signing off, I think this week is going to be a good one, I can just feel it. Well, if it’s going as great as my Monday is so far; but we’re only a few hours in, but hey… it’s still good!


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