Finally Friday

This week has flown by! I feel like I’m very caught up at the day job – which is pretty much unheard of. It makes me nervous though; when will the chaos pick back up?

I took yesterday afternoon off as the repair guy was coming to fix my TV. I was excited he was early. Late is a huge pet peeve of mine. He was in and out in about 45 minutes, at first it didn’t work, so I was skeptical, then he got it working. I didn’t have high hopes for him as he was a bit snarky, and told me my candle was going to burn down my house… Hah! There’s more of a chance of my TV causing a house fire than that Sccentsy warmer; sorry dude! He got it repaired after some more unnecessary commentary about my “crappy cable”; dude you’re from Peoria, Illinois; I couldn’t get South Slope in Coralville 5 miles away, you don’t know a think about it 2 hours away.  In the end, he got it fixed. I thought all was good. I was happy to have a working TV. I continued to enjoy the afternoon off and got a lot of Scentsy work done.

I decided about 8:30 to watch Grey’s Anatomy; I noticed a little spot in the top middle. I had the windows open, so it must have been a bug. Wrong.








I spent a good two hours on the phone with Vizio, and getting nowhere. They were going to send a replacement it would be 7-10 business days; it’s already been 3 weeks for this repair. Then they tell me it’ll be a re-certified TV. No. I wanted a new one, this wasn’t even a year old, was fixed and damaged in the process.  I was told to call back today and speak with a next level supervisor.  I had also commented on Vizio’s Facebook page about how unsatisfied I was with their customer service; one guy was a complete jerk.

I finally crawled in bed and finished a book I was reading, and drifted off.  On the bus in today from the parking lot, I had a comment from Vizio asking for my case number and at 9:30 I received a call. Their customer service is less than to be desired, I was shocked to have gotten this call. The guy was very level headed, and I’m getting a new TV. I reminded them I want the 1 year warranty to begin with the placement of this TV; and I will.   This is their last chance. I’m not sure I’ll buy Vizio again. I’d rank their customer service up there with Walmart, and outside of a trip for work, I’ve been in there once, because Adam basically made me. Otherwise I’m boycotting Walmart.

It’s Friday, the sun is shining.
Cody is opening again for Josh Thompson, here in Iowa City at the First Avenue Club. I am very much looking forward to sleeping in this weekend. I have no real plans other than that. Kind of hoping Adam will help getting the new Scentsy vinyl on my back window, but we’ll see how it all plays out.


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