Sunday Night Blues

Why does Sunday night come so fast? I haven’t done too much this weekend, yet I feel like I’ve been so productive.

I wish I could tell you what I did Friday night, but it pretty much was me in my office. My office is my happy place. I was going to run an errand for Mom on Saturday, but it worked out I didn’t have to.  After I got up and moving I dropped rent off, went to Michael’s because I had a few coupons. If you pay full price for something at Michael’s; you probably don’t need it!  I went into Target too, Cartwheel had a few things I wanted to get and they were too good to pass up.  I knew I needed to grab some groceries, but it was not only Saturday, it’s the first of the month. At the U we are paid monthly, so the first is nuts for shopping, anywhere.

I spent more time in my office, no real shock there. There was a lot of fun Scentsy announcements / sales that I wanted to make sure I knew all about to relay to my customers, and my team.

l have a television in my bedroom, but long story short, I never hooked it up! I’ve been living like I’m Amish with no TV / DVR in my living room for a few weeks now and just Friday scheduled to have them come out Thursday to attempt to repair it.  I wanted to watch TV this weekend, so I manged to bring the bedroom TV to the living room. I was so proud of myself that I got it hooked up. I’ve been trying to catch up on shows I had DVRd, but currently I’m glad I’m able to watch the ACM Awards.

Today I met my parents, who had my niece and nephew for lunch, and we met my Grandma there. First outing with her without Grandpa, it was a bit weird… but this is the new normal.  I’m just so glad that Beth and family just live up the hill on the farm. My heart is breaking for her.

I suppose it’s time to crawl into bed. I’ve been really trying hard to avoid taking naps especially on Sunday’s because the struggle to sleep is real.

A few weeks ago, I read the latest Jodi Picoult book; Small Great Things, and honestly it was so amazing, I’m kind of stuck in a book rut. I was doing so good with being “ahead of schedule” for my Goodreads book goal, but I know I’ll catch up eventually. And honestly, I’ve been mentally spent.

The focus is on the Scentsy business lately… I kinda feel a little stuck in my business, sales are a little slow but I have faith.

Tomorrow our annual convention registration opens; it’ll be in Kansas City, Missouri. I’ve never been, but I love that it’s close enough to drive again. I’ve got one friend who will room with me, and possibly one of my teammates. Not sure if we are going to shoot for a room of four or not, but we’ll see.


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