Living like I’m half-Amish.

As you know, my Grandpa lost his battle with Alzheimer’s on Monday morning.  I stayed home from work. It was just a weird day. I finally got up after it all sank in, and watched a little TV, did some things around the condo, sat back down to watch TV and it wouldn’t turn on. I tried everything, nothing. I got upset and frustrated so I went shopping for some pants / shirts for the services.

I got home and tried all the stuff again, no luck. Ended up calling Vizio, and they had me to everything again, a technician called Tuesday, it’ll be 3-5 business days before the part is in, and then they have to come do fix it. If they can’t fix it, a new TV. I’ve had a friend who had this happen. What a mess. My TV isn’t even a year old.  I have another TV in my bedroom, but for the life of me, I cannot get it to connect to the cable / turn on, any of that. So I’m without a TV. I’m currently watching / listening to The Voice from last night on the iPad, thankfully I have internet still.

I worked til about 6:15 last night – trying to cram a weeks worth of work into two days is damn near impossible. It doesn’t help that we move the last two units into the new building on Saturday, so things are hectic, not as much as the last time…

I wanted to make some thumbprint cookies last night so we could have something to snack on during the visitation. No chopped pecans, by the time I got home from piking up a few things at the store, I was done. I was going to get up and bake them today. I got a text and call from work… that woke me  up, so then I was going to bake. Out of sugar. Seriously, how does this happen?  I’m getting ready to head to Fareway and grab some, and the landlord scared the hell out of me to tell me that we’ve got a break in the water line to the condo, yay. I made the cookies, but let’s face it, the lack of water to wash my hands and all that throws things for a loop.  If I don’t have water by about noon (an hour and a half) I’m going to have to head to WL to get ready.

I still don’t know what I’m going to wear. Thankfully or Unfortunately I’ve become a funeral expert in the last 3 years, so I have some good “funeral wear”.  I probably need to decide sooner or later so I can get things rounded up or not.

I really feel like I’m living like I’m half-Amish. I realize I have cable, but no TV to watch it. I currently pay for water, but none in the condo. This is totally a first world problem.

I really do have an affinity for the Amish, and sometimes its good to turn off technology for a while, but yah… this is not for me.

Time to get some shit done, I don’t need water or TV to put clothes away. My kitchen floor, needs moped, in a bad bad way. Why do we think of everything you need to do that involves what you don’t have / can’t use at the moment…


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