An update and Grandpa Brophy

A little update on the post about Turbo; we decided that he still has a lot of spunk in him, so we are going to wait until he is showing a bit more decline in health. For now we’ll enjoy some more time with him. It’s still tough to know his time is coming to an end.

In other news; my Grandpa passed away this morning. Joe’s Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s probably 5 or 6 years ago, and over the years his health has declined. Last Tuesday my mom let us know that they weren’t sure he’d make it though the night. About 6:30 this morning,  he passed.

The Brophy family took us [mom, Luke and I] and eventually Jill and the kids in, as their own. We were never their step-anything, just their grand kids, niece, nephew, etc. He is at peace now, and no longer confused, and can eat all the sweets he wants.

I took the day off work, I get 3 at work, so after arrangements are made today at 1, I’ll know the day of the visitation and funeral; so I’ll take those days off. I think I’m still in shock by it.  Once we get to the visitation and around family it’ll sink in. I think taking the day off today and let it set in.

A great man, gone.



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