From the airport

I am currently sitting in the Des Moines Airport. I was supposed to be in Nashville already. I moved my flight from 6:10 AM to the 5:45 PM flight.  This cold I have, correction, this “viral sinus infection” is kicking my ass. It’s mostly the coughing part. I was almost asleep last night but the coughing kept me up I finally fell asleep about 12:45/1ish and needed to be up by 2 to head out to drive 2 hours to catch my flight.  But everything worked out. I don’t have to kill time between airport and hotel (and pay for a $50 Uber) and now Shawn can get me from the airport tonight.

She has tomorrow off so I’m looking forward to running errands with 1 year old Jaiden. I swear he was just born!

My mom texted me I was going through security and told me to call her regarding the findings of my dogs’ x-rays. He has cancer in his foot. They think they can take it, it’ll set him back a few weeks, and could fix it all, but we don’t really know where it has spread, if at all. Mom asked me what I wanted to do. Part of me wants to do the surgery, and see what happens, but another part of me is fearful that we do the surgery (and it’s already spread) so he goes through that, and then he still isn’t doing well and a few months later (or sooner) we decide it’s time… was it a waste? Is anything really a waste when it comes to your beloved pet.

I feel like such a businesswoman sitting on my laptop at the airport. And all I am doing is typing into a Word document, to transfer to my blog when I get service.

It’s crazy weather, the sun is shining but we have snowflakes fluttering around.

I want to get online and scroll through my pictures of my dog, but I think I’ll save that for a bit, because I’m not sure I can handle the emotions. He was so ugly when we got him. His body and his head didn’t quite match, like his head / ears were huge compared to his body, but now he’s a bit more even.

Honestly; he’s just fat, and happy. And he really has been great for me, he never left my side when I got home from the night in the hospital after I had a seizure while driving.


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