Valentine’s Day = Candy is on sale

Let’s get real, I’ve never liked Valentine’s Day. I like the candy. I like the candy more after because it’s cheap by about 8pm and the day after. This is what adulting is about.

A few weeks ago my car went into the shop because when I last had my oil changed they told me I had a small leak. I wanted to take it to my dealership / mechanic. I took it in when I was house/dogsitting, and it ended up that they didn’t fix it because it was going to be about $1000.  I only owe $434 on it. I have 1 1/2 payments left. The mechanic told me he wouldn’t fix it if it were him, he wouldn’t if it was his daughters car. Joe’s mechanic told him not to spend $1000 on a car that’s only worth about $3000. I have an 08 Impala.

I was really hoping to get by with no car payment for a few more years. The reality of it is, I’m not sure it’ll last that long. I’m pretty good about checking my oil; in that I check it about every other time I get gas. I’ve gotten better about checking it more now due to the “small leak” and I’ve not had to add any more oil.

The reality of it is, probably before winter I’ll be in the market for a new – to – me car. As much as I would love to buy a small SUV; I’ll probably end up with another Impala. Why does being an adult suck so much, sometimes.

I have got to hunker down with a budget a bit more than I am now. I need to make time to go to the library in town and get a card; and get on their e-library system, which will save me some money book-wise.

I have so much on my DVR to watch, that I’ve still not caught up on since the last week of January when I was house/dogsitting.   Sometimes I wish I had a DVR box and TV in my office, other times I’m glad I do not. I get more done without it, and if I really want something on, I can stream it.  AND I have so many psychical books to read but it’s so much more convenient to read e-books on my Kindle app on the iPad or my phone.  They look so nice in my bookshelf – except that little gap on the right… I need one or two more books so they fit in there nicely.

Business Books – To Be Read


I suppose, I need to get to bed. I’m attempting to be in bed 2 nights a week by 10; and read – which usually is til about midnight, but obviously not doing so well tonight as it’s 10:50 and I’m still in my office writing this.


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