Every year my Mom and Joe take a much needed week off and I joke that I get custody of my dog, Turbo for a week. Long ago when I finally got my seizures under control I was able to move out of my parents place; my dog was not able to come with. And frankly, he was more comfy there with a doggy door and fenced in back yard. I think my parents would have been devastated had I taken him.  He’s grown a bit needy in that he’s gotten used to being walked and let out as my Mom’s schedule allows to come home between lunch and dinner rush at the restaurant

My Mom puts in way too many hours, so this week off is so well deserved. I come to WL and hang out at their house with the dog and do a few things at the bar / restaurant but mostly love on my doggy for a week. This time it’s a bit bittersweet. My doggy is getting old. He celebrated his 12th birthday in November, and well, he’s old for his breed. He has skin allergies, and takes meds twice daily.

All this to say, he’s getting old, he has a leg that’s not so great, and I’m fairly certain that when my parents get home we are going to have to have to make some decisions. Tough decisions, decisions that no pet owner wants to make. I’ve been filling my Facebook and Instagram feed with photos and I’m not even sorry about it.  I know someday I’ll miss his raunchy farts, yah, I said it.

This week has gone by fast, I’m only here a few more days.  I haven’t slept too bad. I normally don’t sleep so great here, but I brought my own pillows, body pillow, and comforter, so that helps.

I didn’t turn the TV on until Thursday. It’s amazing how nice it was. And tonight I’ve only turned it on to watch the news. I miss my office / desktop computer, but I will get back to it soon enough. A little escape from it all is really not a bad thing.

The nap I took from 5-7 was not my wisest choice but the headache was not fun. I think I’ll catch up on This Is Us. Anyone else watching it?


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