Book Review: Waves of Despair – Jenn Foor

All my life, reading has just been just something I’ve always done and loved. I spent my babysitting on money on books, whatever allowance I was given, I got books for birthday and Christmas gifts. Reading is my happy place.


A few years ago; more than a couple, less than five if we are getting technical, my sister in law, Jill told me of an author that she had recently discovered and loved. I, of course started at the beginning of her work and have been one to pre-order and read as soon as the latest book comes out. I’ve fallen in love with her characters, and their stories. I even told Jenn Foor, the author that I feel so connected to these characters as if they are family.

A few days ago, Jenn reached out and asked me if I wanted to beta read her latest release. Of course I did. It was an honor to be asked.  The book showed up on my Kindle about 10:15 PM and I dove into it. At about 25% I knew I just had to goto sleep… I have a short bus ride from my parking lot to my office, after my commute in, so I snuck in about 10 minutes of reading then, and I read during my half hour lunch – which is just enough time to eat, not enough time to dive into a book! I stopped and grabbed some take out on my way home and made myself a spot on the couch with my blanket and finished the book.

All the while Jenn sent me a few messages and I shared with her a few things – hence the reason to beta read.  Let me tell you, I always think the last book she writes is “the best of all” but this book was absolutely, incredibly beautiful. The story, the development of characters, the way it grips you, tugs at your heartstrings. It feels so real, like you are involved in the characters situations, in their lives.  Her writing is so realistic that sometimes I have to remind myself “this is fiction”.

I’m not one to reread a book;  I can probably count on two hands the books I’ve reread; Traveling Light, The Fault In The Stars, Two By Two – are three that I can think of off hand. Maybe I should take it back, and can only count on one hand. I sent Jenn a message, let her know I finished it, my thoughts. I quickly wrote my review for Goodreads and will post it when the book goes live on Amazon.  I did a few things, then crawled in bed and started the book over again!

The book can be read as as standalone, but you would be better off reading the Oyster Cove Series. While your at it, do yourself a favor and read the Mitchell / Healy Series, and Love’s Suicide. You will enjoy her books; and the prices are great on the pocketbook!

If I had to rate this book on a 1-5 star scale; I would honestly give it 5 stars. This book is one that I will remember and recommend.


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