New Year Plans / Goals

Last year I picked a word; intentional and I shared my goals. I cannot remember where I read it; somewhere on the internet, (if it’s on the internet it’s true)  about sharing your goals sets you up for failure. I’m not sure if I believe that, but I kind of think if you write your goals down for yourself and don’t shout it to the world you might be more inclined to accomplish them.  I also believe goals need to be attainable. You cannot weigh 250 and want to weigh 175 by the end of the year; possible, yes; but not something that’ll come without a lot of dedication and work.

Goals that are a bit more reachable will make you (more specifically me) feel better knowing I’ve reached them.  I’ve got some bigger, lofty goals – for life in general, for health, and for my business, but I’ve also got some smaller goals for the month. Attainable, small goals, that I can cross off when they are reached.

I’m really not a fan of the calendar reading January 1st to have a new start. I’ve always kinda did the restart on my birthday. I have a new planner, so I’ve got the new goals listed.

Its already 11:30 on Friday, and I’ve managed to do a whole lot of nothing tonight. I finished the latest Jennifer Foor book; Wrong Side of Rock Bottom Tuesday night, okay really early Wednesday morning, and I have kind of been in a book hangover from it. I have plenty to read and choose from. I just need to crawl in bed and start one.

A weekend with no plans, totally what I need.  I need to plan what my Scentsy business looks like for 2017 and maybe some budgeting. But first, I need to crawl in bed, it’s been late nights all week.



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