And it’s 2017!

2016 was here and gone in the blink of an eye!  I spent New Years Eve in West Liberty – hopeful for a meet up with some of my classmates, but only one showed. Much of my family was in, and it resulted in me being a DD for my brother Vic. He needed to get to Iowa City for a get together, then back home. I drove him up, filled my car with gas, washed it, came home for a bit then went back and got him.  To some this might suck or be annoying, but I don’t mind. 1) I knew he was going to be safe, and 2) I’ve been driven around during the times I could not drive, and 3) I don’t drink much and I really don’t mind!

By the time I got home it was “Scentsy midnight” so I was able to place my January 1st order… glad I did! Our Warmer of the Month – Stargaze; sold out in 2 hours! It’s already on a back order that could possibly be 90 days out!


If you want to order it: reach out as it cannot be ordered through my website until it’s back in stock. I can order it for you and direct ship!

I slept in until noon; but I was up so late I deserved it. I did some laundry, cleaned the kitchen, got groceries, caught up on some DVR’d shows, and now it’s late again and I need to get to bed.

With a new year comes a new Goodreads Challenge. I only read 49 books in 2016; but that’s still ALMOST one a week. Not my usual, but it was a year, working my day job as one person doing my job and the vacant position’s job. A death in the family, a move…

I set a goal to read 75 books for 2017!

Here is a look at years past:


You can totally see when life got busy. I am hoping to read on average more than one book a week in 2017. On that note, I’m headed to bed to read for a bit.


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