Merry Christmas

Christmas already! It’s been a great Christmas. Thursday after work I went to my Aunt Jan’s and had a nice dinner with the Brophy side; love that all my cousins have kids, they provide great entertainment!

I took Friday off, and ran a few errands, then met up with my good friend, Clint for a few drinks. After that I went to WL for Parizek Christmas; another nice meal. I left there a bit early, the roads were pretty crappy, it was slushy / rainy /  icy out. I was glad to be nice to have made it home safely.

Saturday I had no intentions of doing any shopping, but I added a few things on for pick up and they were ready on Saturday, and then there were a few things on Cartwheel that were expiring Saturday; including 3 twelve packs of Pepsi for $12, but then 50% off with Cartwheel; so $5.99; so I grabbed that twice.  I went into Hobby Lobby and walked out with nothing. I made some Chex mix in the evening.

This morning I went to Luke’s and we had breakfast then opened gifts. It’s always so fun to watch them get excited  for the gifts.   I had given mom access to a shared Wishlist on Amazon for my birthday and Christmas, so she grabbed a few of those items, and she got us a Google Home. I’ve not yet set it up, nor even out of the box.

I’m currently holding down the couch… watching Fuller House Season 2.

I’m ready for my Christmas Tree and the few holiday things I have to be put away and things moved back to where they belong. I need an ornament box though… online shopping and pick up at Target tomorrow?

We shall see.


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