Big / Divorced Families + Holidays

My parents divorced when I was very young; when I was about 2 years old…  My Mom remarried and my Dad did eventually. I have 3 step-brothers on my Dad’s side, no other siblings on my Mom’s side. With big families comes more Christmases to go to. It’s a lot. As we are older; the “kids” have families of their own – still not me… but it makes it harder and harder to plan them.

For all my life we celebrated Parizek Christmas with Grandma Eva on Christmas Eve. She passed away January of 2015, so the 2015 Christmas we did on Christmas Eve. This year, a few week ago it was changed to December 23rd. Last year I cooked everything. I was asked to do some cooking again this year, dinner at 6. I don’t get to  my car until 5:30… and work on the 23rd, so I took the day off. I find out from my Mom (other side of the family) that my cousin said there isn’t enough room for me to cook there so I just need to bring everything. Okay. weird, Grandma and I managed just fine for 14 years, but okay. The more I thought about it, I’m driving the farthest, so I just said okay, well I’ll just bring the baked beans now.

I’m contemplating canceling my day off, but maybe I’ll keep it. It’ll be slow so I could get a lot done.. I will decide on Monday or Tuesday. This week and next will be slow.

I have a Christmas on Thursday after work too; of course the Parizek family is getting together then to have drinks on Grandpa; of course, as usual, Luke, Jill and I aren’t going to be able to go.   Big  / divorced families you can’t win ’em all. Just wished they’d have asked us before planning. Oh well.

On Sunday I’ll be headed to Luke and Jill’s to do Christmas with them and Mom and Joe. I just get the kids books or old school movies (I think I got them Free Willy and Little Rascals).  I’ll  be mailing Jaiden’s gifts; also books probably after Christmas. Mean Aunt Jess, totally get boring gifts, but I hope that they enjoy them someday.

Not doing anything with Adam and his daughter; though I did get her a few things, books – no surprise there.

I don’t do much (if any) gifts for my parents, brother, sister in law. I did send Jill a book from Amazon earlier this week. I need to find Outback Bowl Shirts for the fam; I couldn’t find them in their size at the gift shop this week. It’s what I was going to get Joe, Luke, and Adam.  I need to find something for my Mom… and I think I have it; she’s SO hard to buy gifts for. She’s very much one who buys just what she wants when she wants it.

It’s only 9:15 and most of last week and this week I’ve been up til at least midnight, and then it takes a bit to turn my mind off once I’m in bed. Last night I was in bed about 10:30. Tonight I’m thinking about crawling in bed soon and reading.

I only have plans to bake this weekend, and really, it’s nothing too crazy. I have all but one ingredient; so if I venture out to get it I’ll make those but eh, nothing too important, it’s just for me. #ChunkyChickConfessions

Okay, my book is calling my name…. and I don’t even know what book I’m going to start, but my goal is to read 2 this weekend. I’m at only 48  books for the year… this is how you know it’s been a busy year. I want to try and hit at least 50. My big goal is 52, so I can average 1 / week.


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