Long weekend winddown

An eventful, yet restful weekend.  I had written a long post but I managed to delete it somehow.

After a quick trip to the Quick Care Wednesday to find out I just had a horrible cold and high temperature, I grabbed some medicine and had a very boring birthday.

Thursday I went to brunch with Dad, Deb, Vic, Cody, Judy and Eliana. I’d never been to Twelve 01 Kitchen and Tap, it was good! The ham was probably some of the best I’ve ever had.

Friday I did some prep work for the in-home, multi vendor event I was going to be at on Saturday, and a little office cleaning / reorganizing. Saturday was the very successful event. Today I’ve just been doing laundry and a little odds and ends here and there.

I started reading the second book by Jaycee Dugard; Freedom: My Book of Firsts. I really like it. I enjoyed her first book.

I think I’m going to head to WL in a bit to drop off a Scentsy order, and pick up my first ever Christmas tree my  brother has been storing in his basement for 4 years. We shall see if it still lights up. I saw a picture I posted of it, when I first got it and put it up. Even though no one will see it, I kinda want to decorate.   But… only if the lights work, otherwise its going straight to the dumpster and I’ll wait to buy one another time.

I have to pick up some stuff at the grocery store to do a little baking for work; just some peanut butter star cookies.

All in all, laundry is getting done, kitchen is getting clean. Office got cleaned and organized; successful long weekend.


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