It’s my birthday, and for the first time in a while, I could care less. Just another day.

I saw both my Mom and Joe, and Dad and Deb on Sunday (along with Luke, and the kids) and they gave me my gifts when I was in town for a vendor event. Not that the gifts are what matter, it’s not, but what I’m getting at is, it’s just another day for everyone to say “Happy Birthday” on Facebook.

I had tried to remove my birthday from there in order to do a social experiment, to see just how many would remember or know, but obviously it didn’t save.

Sunday night I was feeling kinda crummy; I’m blaming it on the 50 degree weather change. Normally it’s a bit more gradual. Monday and Tuesday it was a bit worse, last night was downright miserable. I took Benadryl and thought I’d be asleep in no time; wrong. I was awake all night. I’m not sure if the medicine is expired or what, but I slept maybe 2 hours if that.

Today I’m feeling pretty horrible. I’m glad we are closing the office at 3. I’m going to head straight to Quick Care and figure out whatever the heck it is I have going on. My thermometer at home says I have no temperature, but I really need to get a new one. This is the beautiful rash I have. My lips are not painted with lipstick, they are just that chapped.


We shall see soon enough. I was to go to a vistation tonight; becuase it’s that JUST what you want to do on your birthday? I decided to stay home and rest up. I’ll go to the funeral on Friday. I’ll see how I am feeling tomorrow and let my Dad know if I’ll meet them for brunch tomorrow or not. I don’t want to chance getting anyone else sick.

I plan on getting my ass home after the appointment (and hopefully picking up meds) and crawling into bed. Okay, maybe just the couch to watch some DVR’d show that have been piling up. Totally living it up right? I mean this beats an ER trip from something around my 25thish birthday.

Cheers to another year on this side of the grass.


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