This is a photo I shared on Facebook and Instagram. November 15th is #WorldAdoptionDay and it’s garnering a lot of social media coverage!


#worldadoptionday They didn’t “make” me, they just got a call to come get me, and brought me home just a few days fresh. I’ve always known I was adopted, I thought it was neat. I grew in their hearts and Luke in mom’s tummy. I sometimes am thankful for it [jokingly usually], even though there are a lot of mysteries health wise I am proud. Check out the hashtag and all the smilies on the hands. Many happy families made from adoption!

I am very lucky to have the family I have. All of them.

Life is a bit crazy as I have a Scentsy event on Sunday and then next Saturday so I’m doing a lot of prep for that after work… I’ll find time to write when I have time!  But this was something I really wanted to document.


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